Colours are giving life, soul and spirit to nature. The colours come from the sun. “In general people experience great joy when they see colours. The eye needs them as it needs the light.” (Goethe)

Colour does not only describe the object, it is always the language of light as well. Each colour has its own sound. Vincent van Gogh speaks of colour-music and predicts that the painter of the future will be a “Farbenfreudiger”. Colour is able to send silent messages between people; one is influenced by the objects and colours that one contemplates for a long time.

The symbol points beyond itself, to indicate something else. My art contains symbols, especially the sun, woman, flowers, birds: The sun symbols life awakening force, woman gives birth to life, flowers receive sunlight and show beauty and transitoriness, the symbol of the bird is a mediator between heaven and earth, personification of the soul.

My paintings have been created out of a yearning for beauty and harmony; they convey joy and serenity and should be nourishment for the soul.
Colours – the elixir of life.